15 maart 2017

Kleurendag ICA Belgium 21 maart 2017

13:00 Welcome
13:15 A Historic Day: the birth of ICA-Belgium … 
Board ICA Belgium
13:30 A sensorimotor approach to the philosophy of colour 
Dr. Erik Myin
Centre for Philosophical Psychology – University of Antwerp
What does red feel like? And why does it not feel like blue or green? Is red something out in the world, or something in our heads? The sensorimotor approach to perception attempts to give an answer to these questions. It proposes that perception is a way of interacting with environment, rather than the construction of a representation of the environment. In this talk Erik will explain the sensorimotor approach, its view on what colours are and how they feel, and how it implies that colours are not arbitrary labels we attach to objects.
14:00 In Living Colour: Studying the Evolution of Human Colour Preferences
Dr. Larissa Mendoza Straffon
Archaeologist specialising in visual art and evolution
Lecturer at Centre for the Arts in Society – Leiden University
Humans possess a complex colour vision that is partially shared with other species. However, humans, unlike other primates, exploit colour culturally. That is, we make use of colours to mark, signal, attract, express, communicate, or simply embellish ourselves and our environment. Larissa will talk about the evolution of our colour preferences on the basis of recent evidence for the origins of colour perception, processing, and exploitation in humans.
14:30 Coffee Break
15:00 Lighting colour quality evaluation based on memory colours of familiar objects 
Dr. Kevin Smet
Postdoctoral Fellow at the Light and Lighting Laboratory
Technologiecluster Elektrotechniek (ESAT) KU Leuven
Typically lighting colour quality is assessed with respect to a reference illuminant, such as in the colour rendering index of the International Commission on Illumination. However, lighting quality can also be assessed with respect to a set of internal references, such as the memory colours of a set of familiar objects: the idea is that perceived colour quality will improve as colours are rendered more closely to what is remembered. This talk will briefly discuss the memory colour rendition index (MCRI), its predictive performance in terms of visual appreciation and the potential impact of cross-cultural differences.
15:30 The path to global color trends 
Filip Roscam
Design Director – Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany
Colour trend research is much more than a slogan “colour of the year!”. The real reason why it is necessary to research, is to understand which colours and materials consumers will prefer in a few years from now. Brand companies need to plan those products right now. Consumer’s taste will be influenced by what they see around them: art, decoration, society. To have a successful product, the right colour counts. Filip will show his process from draft idea sketching, future scenario mood boards to the final presentation of trend tools.
16:00 Networking drink and toast to the birth of ICA Belgium
17:00 Goodbye

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